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Nexus One

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Aremde is made to connect with people. Aremde is for the bold. Aremde is designed with a shared goal in mind; to remake the future of professional coffee. 

A team of experts from Aremde came together to literally design a hole in the wall - to create less machine, and more experience. The Nexus One espresso machine removes the wall of steel that traditionally separates the barista from the customer, enables both the barista and customer to communicate, interact and connect. A theatre of skills for all professional baristas and coffee experts to shine. So please, play it like a pro! 

Radius Colour Chart:  The Nexus One standard comes in stylish Onyx Black and Jasmine White, Aremde also offer an exclusive Radius Colour Chart, a carefully curated collection of colours available to suit different business needs and establish a design aesthetic for your brand. If the exact colour of choice is not available in the chart, let us know and we will work with our design team to create one, and uniquely yours. 

For enquiry on the technical specs, Radius Colour chart and price list, please email us at