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Each coffee is different in its own way.

To ensure the quality of coffee here in PYROAST, we work closely with our suppliers and coffee traders to source responsibly from sustainable coffee-growing regions. We conduct regular cupping sessions on the coffee beans that we bring in - range from Latin America, Central America, Africa and other parts of the world. One of them that we take pride of the most is the Southeast Asia coffee beans, and also it easily become everyone's favourite cup.

It is not about the quantity but quality. Our focus is to bring in fresh and high-quality coffee beans from different coffee-producing countries. That's our goal in business and we hope to provide our customers new and fresh options. On average, we will explore and bring about five to seven different coffee beans (single origin, type of processing method and varietal) in every batch. 


As we are a part of an established local coffee roaster and manufacturing factory in Jurong, we place strong emphasis on coffee roasting here at PYROAST. Our coffee roasting hub is fully-equipped with roasting, packing and storage facilities. With these facilities in place, we place even greater focus on coffee roasting to perfect your everyday brew.

Coffee is our bread and butter. We have reworked on our roasting schedule and we are currently roasting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

We also provide sampling roasting services in smaller batches for cafe owners and wholesalers. For more details on bulk purchase, please email your inquiries to pyroast@tlefood.com for further assistance. 


Different roasting methods can influence the flavours of coffee. We take pride in our effort to continuously innovate and identify specific roasting techniques for various types of coffee beans.

From air-roasting to drum-roasting, we strive to learn the art and craft of roasting in order to develop the flavour of coffee at its best. We brought in a range of coffee roasting machines that cater for different roasting value up to 120kg in our factory. Some of the machines are like the Loring Merlin, Sonofresco One Pound, Coffee Pro Direct just to name a few. 

Best to brew your coffee beans within three weeks in order to achieve a better brewing experience with great flavours.

According to Specialty Coffee Association of America, SCAA’s golden ratio is 1:18 – this translates to 55 grams of ground coffee for 1,000ml (or 1,000g) of water. In other words, this ratio can only serve as a guide because some would prefer to have stronger flavoured coffee. Be fluid and keep experimenting until you achieve your favourite “Golden Ratio.”

You may keep them in our coffee bags if you opt for whole bean. Our packaging comes with one-way valve and a convenient zipper to retain the freshness of the coffee beans. Otherwise, you can also store ground coffee in an air-tight container and avoid transparent containers if possible. Please do not refrigerate your coffee or store them in your freezer as coffee beans should ideally be kept in a cool, dry and dark place.


PYROAST is the brainchild of Young Tan -  A professional coffee roaster, SCAE Q-and-R Grader, Tan is equipped with more than 10 years of experience in the trade following his father's involvement in this area of business. Prior to his venture into speciality coffee industry, Tan has been actively involved in the traditional coffee trade with his father since Tan Lee Et Food Industry is inaugurated in 1982. 

PYROAST is the specialty-coffee arm of Tan Lee Et Food Industry Pte. Ltd., a full-fledged homegrown coffee manufacturer and roaster based in Jurong. We do not have a retail store for PYROAST at the moment. For wholesale enquiries and assistance, you may contact us directly at pyroast@tlefood.com.

WE ARE ONLINE! You can follow us on our Instagram or check us out on Facebook as we will be updating our coffee listings regularly on these platforms. Or, send us a note and let us know what are the coffee beans you're looking for - we'll see what we can do about it. 

You can view our delivery policy and its conditions on our Delivery Policy section. For enquiries about your order or delivery, please email to pyroast@tlefood.com for further assistance. 

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Unfortunately, we can't amend orders that have been processed due to our coffee beans preparation methods (grind size).

As our operations team processes the placed order within the next 12 hours upon receiving payment, we may need to check on the status of your order. Please email your enquiries to pyroast@tlefood.com with your Order ID* so we can assist you. 

*You can retrieve your Order ID Number stated in the email. 

If your Order Status is displayed "CANCELLED" when you login into www.pyroast.com, be rest assured that your order will not be processed. Otherwise, we are afraid that your order may have been processed or already been shipped out, therefore it cannot be cancelled. 

Please contact us at pyroast@tlefood.com for further assistance. 

You can login to your account at www.pyroast.com to retrieve your order history. Alternatively, you can send us a note using our CONTACT FORM or email us at pyroast@tlefood.com so we can check for you. 

We accept PAYNOW, PAYLAH, Bank Transfer and Paypal. 

Please send us an email at pyroast@tlefood.com - we will take care of it. We will also make sure that we receive the right delivery address so that your future orders will be delivered to the right place!


Islandwide! We provide local delivery to Singapore address only. 

We do not impose a minimum order, but our customers get to enjoy FREE DELIVERY for purchases $50.00 and above! 

All orders placed before 3.00pm on www.pyroast.com will be processed within 3-5 working days upon payment confirmation. Please refer to Delivery Policy for more information.

Yes, no problem. Please inform them that we will need your order number and screengrab (notification) when your friend/ parent/ spouse or neighbour come over to the factory or cafe for collection. Kindly refer here for the full address and opening hours.