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NDP Bundle Set

Limited Time Offer
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57% OFF for 500GM House Blend + 250GM Single Origin

Are you ready to embark on your coffee feast during this NDP holidays? We are introducing our NDP bundle to commemorate Singapore's 57th National Day in August and we are offering these limited time offer at 57% OFF exclusively for this celebration. Check out the combination below and pick your favourite bundle at a steal! 

House Blend (500GM): Pick 1

  • Sunny Sunshine (S$26.00)
  • Midnight Glow (S$32.00)
  • Hello Daylight (S$30.00)

Single Origin (250GM): Pick 1

  • Plantation A Kongo Washed (S$24.00)
  • Ijen Natural (S$22.00)
  • Blue Ayarza (S$18.00)

Please note that the price displayed is final and after 57% off. Limited to first 100 orders for this bundled set, the promo will ends on 09 August 2022, 23:59 hours.

  • $26.00

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